before and after domestic floor sanding

When you have a wooden floor, you’ll quickly understand its benefits.

It’s a tough but beautiful floor that can survive the worst of children, pets and other challenges and still, with some cleaning, be restored to its original state.

There will come a point when you need to consider floor sanding and sealing  in order to fully restore the beauty of the original wooden floor.

The advantage of wood is that you don’t need to throw it away. Simply sanding and sealing your floor can transform your floor so it’s like having a completely new floor.

before and after domestic floor sanding
Herringbone parquet floor

When to get your floor sanded

Here are some examples of when you should think about getting your floor sanded:

Your floor looks dullSchool floor before during and after sanding

When the wooden floor is first installed and varnished, it will look beautiful. When it gets dirty or dusty then you clean the floor and being wood it should look look nearly as good as new. There will be a point when your floor looks dull and no amount of cleaning and polishing will lift the appearance.

Professional floor sanding, staining and sealing with varnish will return your floor to its freshly installed appearance.

Your floor is becoming uneven

If some parts of the floor are raised compared to other parts then there might be some issues with the underlying surface. Damp or mould can cause this. It is best to get a professional view as this type of issue cannot go untreated.

Strange smells from the floor

When your floor is starting to smell then it’s a sign that something has entered the surface or there are moulds or algae growing underneath the floor. Again it’s important to seek professional advice as we can trace and correct the problem.

Your floor is wearing in some high footfall areas

Wooden floors are very hard wearing but some areas will show signs of wear if they are particularly high footfall areas. We can repair floors and then sand and finish so it breathes new life into your floor.

The beauty of wooden floors means they can be fixed sanded and sealed for as good as new finish!

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